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Floral Showcase      

The third annual ATAT Floral Design Teachers’ Showcase Cup will be held on Monday, July 22, 2024 at the Hyatt Regency-Dallas, Texas. There will be a limit to 50 designers.  Cost to enter is $50.00  Click here to enter.

Top 5 designers recognized at Family Night. Scholarship Donation amount presented at Family Night

Design Showcase Scenario

Each teacher will receive an identical container and bucket of fresh flowers.

Each teacher will have one hour to design and complete a large showpiece creation that must be viewed from all sides as a centerpiece for a banquet table.

Each teacher will receive a description of the themed event, that the design is to compliment, two weeks prior to the showcase via email.

Teachers MUST bring their own tools needed to complete the design.

Designs will be evaluated by a panel of three floral industry judges using a rubric based on established principles of design. The rubric will be emailed to the teachers along with the design theme.

Designs will be judged anonymously. Each teacher will be randomly assigned a number to identify their design.

After judging and when the designs are placed for viewing, the designs will be identified by the teacher’s name and school. The designs will be used as table decorations on family night. Teachers may take their designs after family night concludes.

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