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Conference 2023      
ATAT Professional Development Conference
July 24-28, 2023
Hyatt Regency Dallas
Registration Opens March 30
Conference Fee: $300.00
With the exception of some Monday Workshops and potentially Family Night, the entire conference is at the hotel and conference center on site.

Conference website: https://conference.texasagteachers.org/

About Our Conference      

The Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas Professional Development Conference for teachers of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources provides a week-long conference specifically for agriculture teachers and stakeholders. The event is designed to enhance teaching methods, keep up with developments in curriculum, learn more about industry-based student certifications, and network with leaders in our profession.

We will have a limited number of pre-recorded workshops and recordings of the general sessions that will be available for professional development hours. We will have not live events. 

Through a partnership with the Texas Education Agency, Agriculture Teachers Association is able to grant Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours to participants in this conference. 

How to Register      

The 2023 Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas Professional Development Conference for Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Cluster will be held July 24-28. We will be in-person in Dallas at the Hyatt Regency Dallas
Registration opens March 30 through ATAT Online.

Registration Fees:
$300 - Active 
$100 - Associate 
$30 - Student

The cost of the conference will remain the same as previous years at $300. This price is set in our association by-laws. As a reminder, in addition to paying for your conference experience this fee provides access to all of the benefits of membership throughout the school year, including access to legal advice and liability insurance.

Family Night Directions 2023      
NameDate AddedSize
Family Night directions 2023 7/21/2023 566 KB

Cancellation Policy      
Cancellations with a full refund will be accepted until July 17, 2023. Refunds must be requested in writing to info@texasagteachers.org before the deadline. After this date, there will be no refund of fee paid; however, substitutions may be submitted in writing to info@texasagteachers.org. Refunds will be issued after the conclusion of the conference.  

Professionalism, Courtesy and Attire      

It is requested that all conference participants maintain appropriate dress and conduct. In addition, we ask that you remove your hat when inside the building and during sessions. Please maintain conduct that is professional in nature.

As a courtesy to conference presenters and attendees, please turn off cell phones during general sessions and workshops.

Whenever possible, we have attempted to schedule popular topics in rooms large enough to accommodate potential crowding.  However, we cannot always accurately anticipate attendance, nor do all presenters wish to work with large crowds.  Therefore, it is wise to select alternative sessions in advance, so you can quickly move to another session if you are unable to arrive early enough to obtain seating at your first choice.

Conference Attire
Monday - Casual
Tuesday - Business Professional
Wednesday - Business Casual
Thursday - Business Casual
Friday - Business Professional


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  Future Conference Dates and Locations
July 24 - 28, 2023 in Dallas
July 22 - 26, 2024 in Dallas
July 21 - 25, 2025 in Corpus Christi
July 18-24, 2026 in Corpus Christi


Housing for the 2024 Conference will open soon



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